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Princess Marisol & The Moon Thieves

Written by Alex Paramo - Illustrated by Audrey McNamara-Garcia

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Join Princess Marisol & The Moon Thieves on
a multimedia adventure that will take you on an amazing visual, and musical journey! Using eBook technology, we have combined art, literature and music, to create a children’s story that offers something appealing for you regardless of your age.

♥ La Princesa Marisol y los Robalunas no es un cuento para niños común y corriente: es para los niños toda una aventura multimedia. En este impactante y divertido relato sobre una princesita que intenta rescatar la luna luego que fuera robada por un par de músicos traviesos, nos embarcamos en un travesía repleta de aventura, esplendor y autoconocimiento.

In this whimsical multicultural tale, where little Princess Marisol is trying to recover the stolen moon from a couple of mischievous musicians (the Moon Thieves), we are taken on an adventure-filled trip that acquaints children with concepts of a geography, ecology,
collaboration, personal responsibility, and ultimately, self-discovery. This eBook also contains an educational component which includes a glossary and geography game.

Princess Marisol & The Moon Thieves multimedia children’s eBook is bilingual and is available for Windows (PC), iBook (MAC OS), Kindle, Nook, Android and tablet platforms.




Ages 6-9

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It's a paper book too!

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