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Free Children's Books For The iPad? There's A Site For That.

April 12, 2010

There is now anyway. was launched April 12th and aims to be "YouTube for Children's eBooks"... the only place where millions of children's e-book readers, writers, and illustrators can meet to upload, share, and publish electronic books for children in the open ePub format... the only e-book format Apple's new iPad tablet can read.

In just one week Apple has sold millions of iPads worldwide, and now their excited owners are searching desperately for new content for their toys. Many of them parents, they've come to realize the iPad and its new iBooks software are ideal for children's books. Unfortunately, because of the display limitations of previous e-book readers such as Amazon's Kindle, little work has been put into developing electronic children's content, which typically contains vibrant illustrations.

Until now. ePub Bud is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting free children's e-books to the masses. Whether you want to browse thousands of free children's e-books, convert your existing children's books and e-books into the ePub format, or publish your own electronic children's book to share with the world (or just your family), has made it as simple as the iPad itself.

"I got the idea for the site a few weeks before the launch of the iPad," said Josh Jones, CEO of DreamHost and ePub Bud founder. "I had been considering writing a children's book after the death of my newborn son, and it occurred to me that a free e-book format would likely reach the widest audience. I then realized there must be thousands of other parents with similar desires, but without any tools to make it happen. One thing led to another, and was born!"

More about ePub Bud:
"A magical and revolutionary website at an unbelievable price. Free."

Launched April 12, 2010 and based in Santa Monica, CA, ePub Bud is a non-profit organization dedicated to getting free children's e-books to the masses. Anyone in the world can upload, publish, and share their own free children's e-books in the open ePub format readable by the Apple iPad and other e-book readers at ePub Bud was founded by Josh Jones, co-founder of DreamHost, and is dedicated to the memory of his son, Wren.