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Sell Your Children's Books

Not everybody wants to give their work away for free...

Sell your book at ePub Bud with no comission!

Or put it up on the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Google, and Amazon!

Get Your Book on ePub Bud!

The first step is getting your ebook on our site!

You can upload your book as a pdf/doc/ebook/etc!

Or, you can create a new book from scratch on the site!

Sell Your Book on ePub Bud!

We take nothing (you pay only the 2.9% plus 30 cent PayPal transaction fee)!

You're paid out monthly to your PayPal account (with no fee)!

Simply update your user account with your PayPal info.

Then click "edit book info" on your book's page to set a price!

Sell Your Book on the Apple iBookstore (iPad/iPhone/iPod)!

Download the .epub file you create with us!

Get an ISBN from us for just $5...

Go fill out the form at the iBookstore!

Sell Your Book on the Barnes and Noble eBookstore (Nook and Nook Color)!

Go fill out the form at and you're good to go!

PubIt! accepts ePub, Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), HTML, RTF, and TXT.

You don't need an ISBN, but you do need a US bank account and Tax ID.

Books must be priced between $.99 and $199.99.

Sell Your Book on the Google eBookstore

Check out their instructions!

Sell your Book on Amazon (Kindle)!

Just go to and follow their instructions!

Amazon doesn't take .epub files. :(

They do take:

  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Plain text (.txt)
  • RTF (.rtf)
  • HTML (.html or .htm)
  • Zipped HTML (.zip)
  • Mobi (.mobi or .prc)

  • So hopefully you have one of those!